24 April 2024

2024 update: I'm posting free, full-length IELTS lessons on Youtube! and other language-learning content.

Hey there, dear fellow A Level science students! If you're new here, then hi! my name is Emma and I'm one of the co-authors of this blog. I sat my A Levels in summer of 2016, graduated college in 2020 and have been tutoring ever since. Besides tutoring IGCSE sciences, I've also been tutoring the IELTS, and recently I have started posting on Youtube some free, full-length IELTS lessons, presenting all the techniques, paths of logic, approaches, mindsets to navigate the test that I have found to be highly effective with my students. 

For those of you who are non-native English speakers currently preparing your college apps, it is highly likely that you are also preparing for your IELTS exams and if so, I'm positive you'll find these videos helpful towards your studies.

If there are any specific skills for IELTS you'd like for me to cover, let me know in the comments here or over on Youtube, and I'll do my best to make them happen.

I'm also a big language enthusiast and have videos sharing my own language learning journey as a language tutor as well if you're interested!

Anyhow, best of luck with your studies! Catch you over on Youtube :)


4 skills to ace matching headings (part 1 - full lesson) 🌞🏅 | IELTS Reading | skimming, Pokemon chats

4 skills to ace matching headings (part 2 - practice) 🌞🏅 | IELTS Reading 

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11 January 2024

Statistics 5.5. The normal distribution

(9709) CIE A Level Maths 2023 - 2025

1. Revision notes

Key concepts
  1. Continuous random variables: Infinite number of possible outcomes
    • histograms
      • area under curve = 1
    • normal curve: bell shaped, symmetrical
      • mean = median = mode
  2. The normal distribution:
    • The standard normal variable Z
    • Critical values table
    • Standardizing a normal distribution
    • Modeling in real-life situations
  3. Normal approximation to the binomial distribution
    • continuity correction: used when we approximate a discrete distribution by a continuous distribution

10 January 2024

Statistics 5.4.2. Discrete random variables: The binomial and geometric distributions

(9709) CIE A Level Maths 2023 - 2025

1. Revision notes

Key concepts
  1. The binomial distribution: In a fixed number of trials, how many successes are there?
  2. The geometric distribution: In an infinite number of trials, what is the probability of the first successful trial?
  3. Variance Var(X) and expectation/mean E(X)

09 January 2024

Statistics 5.4.1. Discrete random variables: Probability distribution

(9709) CIE A Level Maths 2023 - 2025

1. Revision notes

Key concepts
  1. discrete random variables
  2. expected outcome / expectation: E(X), a.k.a. the mean
  3. variance: Var(X) - the spread of values around the mean

08 January 2024

Statistics 5.3. Probability

(9709) CIE A Level Maths 2023 - 2025

1. Revision notes

Key concepts
  1. addition and multiplication of probabilities
  2. exclusive events: events that canNOT occur at the same time
  3. independent events: one event occurs and has NO affect on the other, regardless of whether the second occurs or not
    • determining independent and dependent events
  4. conditional probabilities

06 January 2024

Statistics 5.2. Permutations and Combinations

(9709) CIE A Level Maths 2023 - 2025

1. Revision notes

Key concepts
  1. permutations: order/ arrangement matters
  2. combinations: order/ arrangement DOESN'T matter
  3. arrangements of objects
    • with repetition
    • with restriction