04 April 2017

More surprises from our 'Small girl with Big dreams'

Antonella Massini, from Cambridge College Lima, Peru, 'our Little girl with Big dreams' has also earned the Gold Award in Art category and Silver Award in Film category in  2016 Ocean Awareness Student Contest. Congratulations Antonella!

And our ‘Small girl’ has won her ‘Big dreams'

Antonella Massini (Photo courtesy: El Comercio)
Luckily, 'The Small girl with Big dreams', autor of the “Inspring Letter”, has finally shown up. Antonella Massini, from Peru, who spends two hours a day giving classes to small childrens, has earned her way to MIT (Massachusettes Institute of Techonolgy), class of 2021. 

23 January 2017

An inspiring letter from 'A Small girl with Big dreams'

"I just wanted to thank you for posting all these notes. I took my AS level in 2015 and got an A in biology thanks to you. If only the physics notes had existed back then... I never had the chance to thank you but today while I was organizing my computer files I stumbled upon your blog and saw that it has grown so much! So congratulations on that too!"