13 September 2014

# 28.2 The mitotic cell cycle - Syllabus 2016 - 2018

5.1 Replication and division of nuclei and cells 
    5.2 Chromosome behaviour in mitosis

When body cells reach a certain size they divide into two. Nuclear division occurs first, followed by
division of the cytoplasm. The mitotic cell cycle of eukaryotes involves DNA replication followed by
nuclear division. This ensures the genetic uniformity of all daughter cells.

Learning Outcomes

Candidates should  be able to:

5.1 Replication and division of nuclei and cells 

During the mitotic cell cycle, DNA is replicated and passed to daughter cells.

Stem cells in bone marrow and the skin continually divide by mitosis to provide a continuous supply of cells that differentiate into blood and skin cells.

a) describe the structure of a chromosome, limited to DNA, histone proteins, chromatids, centromere and telomeres

b) explain the importance of mitosis in the production of genetically identical cells, growth, cell replacement, repair of tissues and asexual reproduction

c) outline the cell cycle, including interphase (growth and DNA replication), mitosis and cytokinesis

d) outline the significance of telomeres in permitting continued replication and preventing the loss of genes

e) outline the significance of mitosis in cell replacement and tissue repair by stem cells and state that uncontrolled cell division can result in the formation of a tumour

5.2 Chromosome behaviour in mitosis

The events that occur during mitosis can be followed by using a light microscope.

a) describe, with the aid of photomicrographs and diagrams, the behaviour of chromosomes in plant and animal cells during the mitotic cell cycle and the associated behaviour of the nuclear envelope, cell surface membrane and the spindle (names of the main stages of mitosis are expected)

b) observe and draw the mitotic stages visible in temporary root tip squash preparations and in prepared slides of root tips of species such as those of Vicia faba and Allium cepa

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