15 August 2014

#17.1 Enzymes - Syllabus 2015

• Mode of action of enzymes
• Factors that affect enzyme action

Learning Outcomes

Candidates should be able to:

(a) explain that enzymes are globular proteins that catalyse metabolic reactions;

(b) explain the mode of action of enzymes in terms of an active site, enzyme-substrate complex, lowering of activation energy and enzyme specificity (the lock and key hypothesis and the induced fit hypothesis should be included);

(c) [PA] follow the progress of an enzyme-catalysed reaction by measuring rates of formation of products (for example, using catalase) or rates of disappearance of substrate (for example, using amylase);

(d) [PA] investigate and explain the effects of temperature, pH, enzyme concentration and substrate
concentration on the rate of enzyme-catalysed reactions;

(e) explain the effects of competitive and non-competitive inhibitors on the rate of enzyme activity;

(f) use the knowledge gained in this section in new situations or to solve related problems.

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